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GPX File Download Page


Please be advised that the downloads below constitute primarily standalone GPX files which allows you to open them natively in your desired mobile app/GPS device/smartwatch)

The individual day files are thus listed separately and we recommend EITHER using these OR the 'ALL STARTS+FINISHES+CHECKPOINTS' file, as using a combination will result in duplication of POIs overlapping route nodes in your package. However, it is your choice. 

We regret that we can not offer individual technical support in using these files.


Notes from Gary Tompsett - 2017 course planner

"Here we have the Dragon's Back Race 2017 final GPX files, with both the Route and Checkpoint data configured to be close-to-perfect representation of what has been depicted and described on the Final Event Maps - which have now gone to print. Exciting?!

The nodes/waypoints have been derived by a mixture of field survey and plotting and have been subsequently edited and rationalised in order to give a regular frequency of portrayal - all to help the route 'flow' well when using a GPS device* in the countryside.

*GPS device (handheld or wrist/arm-mounted), Smart Phone, Smart Watch, Cycle Computer etc.

The 1x Checkpoint File has all the Checkpoints named, and the Start/Finishes for all 5 days. Also, Grid References can be derived from this file, for those that wish to make a transcription. Less likely, but possible, is to pass this file through a package to translate into Latitude and Longitude. Ideally though, you will have configured your devices to display in the OSGB36 National Grid.

With the UK divided into 100km map regions, you will find prefix letters that represent the mapping, starting with 'SH', and then moving on to 'SN' as the route heads southwards.

The 5x Day Route Files have embedded node/waypoint information for the nodes that are at Checkpoints. For some users this will appear on your screen, especially if you tap/seek info on that node.

They have less than 500 nodes per file, to help suit most devices. (A single file of the whole route would have approx 2,200 nodes and might be too cumbersome for many devices).

Through the editing process, some node numbering has gaps or non-sequential sections. This will not affect the route portrayal or comprehension.

There is generally a 20 metre departure between the the Checkpoint File 'point' and the node from the Route File alongside that Checkpoint. This is purely for route plotting and editing purposes and is unlikely to be noticeable when the GPX file is in use.

In summary, we have optimised and tested the data to give you the most effective portrayal of the event route."

80.75 kB

Berghaus Dragon's Back Race 2017 Checkpoints

(This table is provided for participants that might wish to manually plot onto own mapping pre-event)

430.60 kB

FINAL [v2] Day 4 Route (GPX file)

Edited 17th May in relation to this route amendment article.