Dragon's Back Race Route Recce

30th Nov 2011

During November Race Director, Shane Ohly, spent a week recce'ing the majority of the Dragon's Back Race route. This selection of photos and video should give competitors an insight into the terrain and scenery they can expect. Amazingly, apart from some low cloud, he didn't experience a drop of rain during his trip.

Somewhere in Mid Wales… With the cloud base suddenly dropping visibility was reduced to around 20m. It’s worth noting that this picture was taken only moments after the video (below) was shot in fine weather. A good reminder as to why we insist that all competitors must be able to navigate.

This is the summit ridge to a famous Snowdonia mountain summit and we wouldn’t be surprised if some of you are able to identify this mountain. Whether it is going to be a checkpoint or not would be telling though! The views across the mountains and out to sea are spectacular.

More of the same; Panoramic views of the mountains of Snowdonia bathed in winter sunshine.

Early morning cloud burning off to reveal the majestic mountains of Wales.

Mid Wales. Less mountainous than North Wales but these desolate and remote high moorland areas are still hard going and navigation can be tough when the mist is down.




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