Conwy Event Centre Confirmed + Route Updates

26th Dec 2016 @ 07:00

Final route testing is underway! 

The 2017 Berghaus Dragon’s Back Race™ route is now being finalised and Race Director Shane Ohly joined by Course Director Gary Tompsett have recently returned from a thorough review of days 2 and 3. For 2017 participants we highly recommend watching the following video updates carefully, but the key information is summarised below, and the corresponding sections of the website have now been updated to reflect these tweaks to the event format.


Rhinogydd reccy

Hello Rhinogydd! Race Director Shane and Course Director Gary make some final checks on the 2017 Berghaus Dragon's Back Race™ day 2 route.

Posted by Berghaus Dragon's Back Race on Tuesday, 20 December 2016


The Tantalising Tarrens

Hello Tarrenhendre and Tarren y Gesail! Course Director Gary is blessed with some good weather for a run across the often-overlooked Tarrens - not on the Berghaus Dragon's Back Race™ they aren't!

Posted by Berghaus Dragon's Back Race on Thursday, 22 December 2016


Mandatory Route vs Recommended Route
Our absolute intention is to maximise the recommended route and minimise the mandatory route. Generally, the Mandatory Route will only be used in lowland areas where it is important for participants to follow established paths and tracks through farmland. The Recommended Route shows what we consider to be the 'best' route. Our best route is not necessarily the fastest route, but all things considered, such as navigation, terrain, dangers (cliffs etc.), it will be the optimum route for the clear majority of the participants. When in an area where the Recommended Route is advised, participants can choose their route.

2017 Route
As the 2015 route and participants GPX tracks is public information, we do not want to create an illusion of surprise in 2017 and we intend to publish a final route that is little different from the 2015 route. However, before we do this we are carefully checking on the ground, that both our Mandatory and Recommended Routes make sense. At the same time as completing some comprehensive updates to the event maps, to improve legibility and add additional features (such as walls and field boundaries). Overall, it is our expectation that the 2017 route will be more user friendly, without detracting from the core challenge of self-navigation.

Checkpoints and Passage Points
The 2017 Route will be defined by a combination of Checkpoints and Passage Points. Generally, a Checkpoint will be a mountain summit with SportIdent timing box that must be ‘punched’ to prove a successful completion of the course. In contrast, a Passage Point will not be marked in any way, and compliance with the Passage Points will be confirmed by GPS monitoring.



Hello Plynlimon, the highest point of the Cambrian Mountains in Wales! Find out why bagging this 752m summit on day 3 of the Berghaus Dragon's Back Race™ 2017 will be such an important milestone.

Posted by Berghaus Dragon's Back Race on Saturday, 24 December 2016


Recommended or mandatory route?

Race Director Shane explains when the route is recommended, mandatory, or open to interpretation... navigational ninja?

Posted by Berghaus Dragon's Back Race on Monday, 26 December 2016


Conwy Car Parking -  Confirmed
We are pleased to confirm that as in previous years we will be using the Morfa Bach overflow car park for participants parking in Conwy.

Conwy Event Centre - Confirmed
We are also delighted to confirm that the Conwy Event Centre will be at 'Porth y Felin' school (Ysgol Porth y Felin - in Welsh, and importantly, on the signs). All activity on Sunday 21st May such as Registration, Kit Check, Briefing and the evening social and pre-race meal will be held here, which is immediately next to the car parking. 

Llandeilo Car Parking and Finish HQ - Confirmed
We can also confirm that car parking in South Wales will be at the Tregib Sports Facilities, just outside Llandelio. This is also where the Finish HQ will be on Friday 26th May.

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