Route Amendments Affecting Day 3 Camp And Day 4 Start

17th May 2017



We have two amendments to sections of the route, coincidentally within 4km of each other. Please note these amendments now. You also have an option to re-download the Day 4 GPX, however, this amendment will be easy to copy over onto your event map at the event registration and Day 3 overnight - where we will always have a general Event Updates notice board. It is actually reassuring that we have only had this one change to our route - we are pro-actively in touch with many stakeholders on this event.

The amendments are detailed as follows;

  • Day 3 (last 1km): The overnight campsite has been moved to an equidistant field. No need to note this particularly, as you will be steered towards the finish by some waymarking.
  • Day 4 (km 4-5): There is a wildlife sensitivity issue* that has been raised for a section of pathless moorland. Our workaround is a recommended route that actually matches the route taken by 50% of the 2015 event participants, and does involve some steeper ground and a mixture of path types. You MUST NOT take access through the red Out of Bounds area now marked. 

*Though nothing as exciting as escaped wild boar, wild lynx sitings or golden eagles!

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