2019 Entries Open

2nd May 2018

Entries for one of the toughest and most iconic footraces on earth opened today, Wednesday 2nd May 2018. Within just one hour of opening, the 5th edition of the Berghaus Dragon's Back Race®, which takes place in May 2019, has attracted over 200 sign-ups.


The Berghaus Dragon's Back Race® previously sold out within two weeks and organisers expect there to be extraordinary demand for places for the 2019 race, especially from an increasingly international audience.



Jez Bragg tackles Crib Goch - Day 1 of the Berghaus Dragon's Back Race® ©iancorless.com


An entry into the race includes live GPS tracking of each participant so that a worldwide audience can follow every competitor in real time. Simply completing the 315km route in five days is no mean feat, but add both a huge 15,500m height gain and some seriously rough terrain, and the chance of earning a legendary Dragon trophy becomes even more of a test. The organisers are keen to reiterate that the race is not a trail running event, and the course follows summit checkpoints along the mountainous spine of Wales, where terrain is at times extreme. Combined with the need to self-navigate the course and deal with the Welsh mountain weather, and the Berghaus Dragon’s Back Race® offers a genuinely unique challenge.


Shane Ohly, Berghaus Dragon’s Back Race® race director, comments: “We are delighted that Berghaus is continuing its unrivalled support for the 2019 edition of the Dragon’s Back Race®. We are looking forward to building on our partnership with the company to further cement the event’s world-class reputation and align with some key products; for instance, participants will have the chance to obtain an exclusive and highly-limited edition of the Berghaus Hyper 100 jacket featuring race branding when entries first open.”



This exclusive and highly-limited edition of the Berghaus Hyper 100 jacket featuring race branding will be on sale when entries open. Read more


New for this year is the addition of ‘Boot Camp’ and ‘Recce Weekends’, which are being provided to maximise a participant’s chance of completing the race. Shane Ohly adds: “We know that a surprising number of participants come to the event underprepared, and the sole focus of these courses is to enable them to prepare with expert guidance so that they arrive in Conwy in May 2019 truly ready for one of toughest mountain races in the world.”


The 2019 event will only be possible due to an estimated 75-strong event team, a large proportion of whom are volunteers, who take responsibility for campsite builds, checkpoint placing, mountain safety, media coverage, catering, and much more. The support of National Trust Wales, the National Parks, and landowners is equally valuable to the smooth progress of the race as it travels south through Wales.



The award-winning Hyper 100 EXTREM Jacket being put through its paces by 2017 participant Huw Jack Brassington © Berghaus


The Berghaus Dragon’s Back Race® is a biennial event, in order that its sister event, the Cape Wrath Ultra™, can take place in the alternate years, with each event always taking place in the last full week of May.

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