Ecological Briefing Notes 2019

25th Feb 2019

The Berghaus Dragon’s Back Race passes through the full range of Wales’ outstanding upland landscapes, including all of the highest mountain ranges in the country. These are recognised as areas of national and international importance for their upland wildlife habitats, flora and fauna. Occasionally, the features that provide this interest can be vulnerable to the wear and tear that may result from the passage of Dragon’s Back Race participants. The risk of ecological damage is carefully assessed during early stages in the planning process for the event, when every effort is made to avoid the need for participants to cross areas of special ecological interest. 

For situations where participants might need to pass through areas of ecological sensitivity we are keen to encourage personal route selection choices by participants that avoid the risk of local ecological disturbance. These Ecological Briefing Notes have been prepared for each day of the 2019 Berghaus Dragon’s Back Race event to identify key features that contribute to the special ecological value of the event area, with route selection comments to help minimise the risk of localised ecological disturbance.


Ecological Briefing Notes Day One

Ecological Briefing Notes Day Two

Ecological Briefing Notes Day Three

Ecological Briefing Notes Day Four

Ecological Briefing Notes Day Five


day three

Day Three ©Guillem Casanova


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