Gearing up for the biggest Berghaus Dragon’s Back Race® ever

13th Mar 2019

The 2019 edition of the legendary Berghaus Dragon’s Back Race® is set to be the biggest yet with over 400 runners expected on the start line at Conwy Castle come May 20th. 

Behind the scenes, the race team are busy working away on preparations, with systems being upgraded accordingly to ensure robust event delivery.  

A significant amount of time has been devoted to extended consultations with stakeholders along the route to ensure that the event continues to operate sustainably. The course planners have been working hard to fine-tune the route to guarantee maximum enjoyment for participants while also securing local support for the event.

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Berghaus Air 8 tents on event ©Tom Hecht

Special attention has gone into improving the quality and quantity of catering. This includes investing in higher quality equipment, a well-planned menu and a larger catering team. 

There has been a major investment in general camp infrastructure, and twice the number of Berghaus Air 8 tents, some larger marquees, and an extended medical team, will all head to Wales in May. The planning of these overnight camps has also been carefully revised to make sure that they will run smoothly for participants. 

Regular communications on event details are being sent to participants so that they feel supported, prepared and in the best possible position to successfully complete the course. Recce weekends are also new for this year, giving participants the opportunity to explore the route with fellow runners and an experienced guide in advance of the event.   

New investment also extends to the media team with the addition of live cameras, more film crews to capture the action, and presenters to tell the many stories of the race.  In addition, an enhanced social media presence during the race will allow the public to follow and engage with the event to a greater degree than ever before.



Sabrina Verjee on Day Three of the 2017 Berghaus Dragon’s Back Race® ©Ian Corless


Both Berghaus and the Berghaus Dragon’s Back Race® organisers Ourea Events have a genuine shared passion for the participants’ adventures and endeavours in the mountains.  Along with the kit that the brand produces, this is why Berghaus has been a natural partner for the event since its re-launch in 2012. 

“We are confident in our plans to upscale the Berghaus Dragon’s Back Race®, and intend to achieve this without losing the special atmosphere and the spirit of adventure unique to this event. We are delighted that Berghaus continues to invest so much in helping make the event truly world-class”

Shane Ohly, Race Director, Ourea Events 

Everyone involved in the event is looking forward to welcoming the 2019 Dragons to Conwy Castle in May for what promises to be the most exciting edition of the Berghaus Dragon’s Back Race® to date.    



Jim Mann on Day Three of the 2017 Berghaus Dragon’s Back Race® ©Ian Corless

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