How to access the 2019 route digitally?

8th May 2019

ViewRanger is used to represent the race route, as shown in the Route Information section of the website. You can access each of the 5 days' routes through the ViewRanger app* or export/download these as individual GPX files if you so desire. These digital versions of the route have symbols / associated text for Start, Finish, all Checkpoints, all Support Points, start and the end of each mandatory route section, including their respective Cut-Off and Guidance Times. You are also likely to find that this ‘waypoint’ associated text displays on your device even if you are not using ViewRanger as it will be embedded in a GPX file export. This data is intended as a great aid but never a replacement for referencing the physical map you will be issued with at registration that also forms part of your mandatory kit. (GPS navigation devices are NOT mandatory).

*Please note: If you are using the ViewRanger app on your phone and have already accessed a previous version of these routes, be aware that you must perform a re-sync (easy to see when successful - the titles will be prefixed "FINAL" e.g. " FINAL 2019 Berghaus Dragon's Back Race® Day 1"). Simply deleting the routes and re-accessing them within the app does the same job. This does not affect using the option to now download a new GPX file of each day's route.


BDBR ViewRanger


Specific instructions to aid the above:

Step 1: You will need a ViewRanger account (free to register) to access the routes (you may already have one - try logging in if you think you might have made an account already)

Step 2: Assuming you are using a laptop/desktop computer (it is possible and easy to do all the below on a mobile/tablet from within the ViewRanger app but we will not describe this here), you simply need to visit each of the 5 days' pages and choose the green "GET THIS ROUTE" button on each of them in turn, then...

  • Option 1)
    • If you wish to use the routes natively in ViewRanger (i.e. on a smartphone using the ViewRanger app), great - you're all done and ready to go - you simply need to ensure that you're confident you have the latest version* of the routes synced successfully to your device that you'll be taking with you.
  • Option 2)
    • If you wish to download a GPX file for each of the 5 days, you simply need to choose "Export to GPX" from the "Menu" button on each of the 5 pages. This will initiate the download. You can then import the downloaded GPX file to whatever device or software you would like to use. Couldn't see the "Export to GPX" option? You may have missed choosing the green "GET THIS ROUTE" button first.


App search

Above, you can also search and acquire the routes in the ViewRanger app - just ensure you get the ones "by Ourea Events"


Wondering about mapping?

The digital route (one per day - thus 5 routes) is ALL that we supply i.e. effectively 5 different lines that are overlaid on your mapping of choice. The mapping choice is entirely subjective and therefore entirely up to you but we would note the following:

Please don't rely on 'Online Maps' or downloadable 'Custom Offline Maps' (quality not sufficient and for the former you'll rarely have connectivity) on ViewRanger or other platforms.  
We recommend using the ViewRanger interface to purchase 'Preumium Maps' from the shop. The 'HARVEY maps' - 'British Mountain Maps 1:40,000' mapping where geographically available is identical to your printed race map and where the areas lie outside the areas mapped by Harvey Maps, we recommend supplementing with 'OS - Explorer 1:50,000' mappping which you can download in tiles or whole areas at your discretion.


Mapping options

The route when displayed on a smart phone in the ViewRanger App in which the user has followed the instructions above to get the route AND has purchased the Harvey British Mountain Map 1:40000 for the area (North Snowdonia).


Stuck with purchasing maps? Check out ViewRanger support.

Please be aware that we can't offer individual technical support on how to troubleshoot accessing or using the digital route or any digital mapping enquiries. We recommend you use the ViewRanger support website and the Official Participants' Facebook Group as a forum for any technical troubles that more tech-savvy members may be able to help you out with.


Note: The only official route files are those supplied by us - please avoid sharing edited versions on the Facebook Group or elsewhere.

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