2012 Results


2012 Winner Steve Birkinshaw. Photo: Jon Brooke www.rightplacerighttime.co.uk


Below is a table that summarises the results from the 2012 Dragon’s Back Race™.  This is a little easier to interpret than the detailed SPORTident results, for example, we manually changed the rtd comments within the SPORTident results to show the checkpoints that competitors did not visit (m1-3 i.e. missing checkpoints 1 - 3) on any given day. If there is a rtd shown below it means that the competitor did not start the day or retired before reaching the first checkpoint.

For detailed results, including individual split times please refer to the results on the SPORTident website available here>>>

Please bear in mind the following comments on the results shown below.

  • For competitors that completed the full course they are ranked in order of cumulative time over the five days.
  • For competitors who did not complete the full course we have tried to show them in roughly the order of who completed more of the course. However, this is a subjective estimate and not a ranking or position.
  • Some competitors were prevented from going over Crib Goch and Garnedd Uain at the end of the first day. As this was the Race Directors decision rather than the competitors they have been included in the full results with these two checkpoints manually credit but with a time penalty of 1 hour, 40 minutes. The time penalty is approximately equivalent to the difference in time from Elidir Fawr to Snowdon via Crib Goch and Garnedd Ugain and the time to Snowdon direct from Elidir Fawr.
  • Rachel Hill, Paul Williams, Jonathan White, Andy Holonan and Michelle Larsen were running just one day of the race each as part of the Trail Running Magazine relay.