Blister Treatment Kit

To complement our Guidance on Foot Care for Participants article, we are delighted to offer participants (and any other interested parties) a limited edition Blister Treatment Kit for purchase.


Expedition Blister Kit

Above: The complete Blister Treatment kit weighs <100g and contains sufficient supplies to see most participants through the 5 days at the Berghaus Dragon's Back Race® or equivalent


The Blister Treatment kit is safely packaged in a re-sealable weatherproof bag and contains the following:

£19.99 for collection at registration

Available from mid-2020 


SOL survival bag

Our recommended product for mandatory kit list item "survival bag" - starting at £17.99 for collection at registration.




The Survive Outdoors Longer® Emergency Bivvy is made from heat-reflective polyethylene (reflecting 90% of your body heat back to you), and is fully sealed so that no wind, rain, or snow can get inside.

Weight: ~108g (3.8oz)

£17.99 for collection at registration


Available from mid-2020 


Highly recommended Ortlieb Dry Bags

Participants’ Overnight kit will be transported to the overnight camp by the organisers. There will also be one support point each day where participants can access additional food and equipment from their Resupply Bag.

The Overnight and Resupply Dry Bags will be stored outside and are very likely to get wet.


drybag2-dbr drybag1-dbr 


Item: 22L Ortlieb Dry Bag - colour either Red/Black, or Grey/Black depending on stock - starting at £16.49 for collection at registration - delivery may not be immediate due to stock.


Available from mid-2020 



Item: 59L Ortlieb Dry Bag - colour either Red/Black, or Grey/Black depending on stock - starting at £34.99 for collection at registration - delivery may not be immediate due to stock.


Available from mid-2020 


2019 Race Map

We have a limited supply of race maps from 2019. The race route is not expected to change significantly and for those who prefer a tangible map to spread out on the café table to pour over, this is your ideal companion. Glean extra information about the route (subject to small changes) ahead of 2021 and learn the layout of this bespoke map ahead of being issued your race map at registration.



Item: 2019 Map - starting at £29.99 (includes UK delivery with immediate dispatch) - sub-production price, this is not just any map!


Available from mid-2020