The Dragon's Back 1992 by Ronald Turnbull

Fifty miles a day, day after day, with the Parachute Regiment carrying the tent: this, we must suppose, is a foretaste of what awaits the dedicated hillrunner in the afterlife. Enter Wales at the top end. Sleep all night, eat large military meals, and run all day, following roughly John Gillham’s ‘Snowdonia to Gower’ long-distance route. Emerge five days later somewhere near Swansea. There would be the cream of British fell running, as well as eminent guests from abroad. There would be television cameras. There would be a bus to the station afterwards. There was one thing I didn’t ask myself. Does the Dragon’s Back Race represent the eventual reward of the well-behaved hillrunner – or of the wicked one?

To read Ronald Turnbull's excellent account of his experinces at the 1992 Dragon's Back Race™ please download the PDF below.