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10th Mar 2017

We’ve got some really exciting developments for all participants ahead of May.



We will be publishing the final route around the end of March, which will confirm the long-awaited detail on the mandatory and recommended sections. We’re happy to confirm at this point that the mandatory sections are minimal.


As we write, course planner Gary is out in the field putting the finishing touches to the 2017 mapping work. So what’s changed you might ask? How much is there really to change since 2015? Well, we’ve been doing a huge amount of mapping work focussed twofold: 

1) Bringing day 4 on par with days 1-3 & 5 by creating an entire day’s mapping so that the entire race route will now be at 1:40,000 scale. This also means we’ve been able to provide a much more satisfying all-in-one map experience rather than issuing sheet extracts one per day. It’s super tough (the same as our Cape Wrath Ultra map which lasted participants 8 days, so you should be fine!)..


Above: An example of the style of the all new 2017 race map


2)  We’ve also been busy updating features as observed on the ground (think particularly paths) within a ca. 1km corridor down through the entire 300km recommended ‘channel’ of the 2017 route. This work will massively enhance participant’s experience by enhancing the already great detail Harvey Maps have from previous on the ground and satellite surveying.


Key change from 2015

• We'll confirm the precise details around the end of March, but here's an early warning that the last day is a little further than 2015, due to landowner permissions around Carreg Cennen castle. Fear not, the race route still passes by the castle! For now, just a courtesy reminder that Carreg Cennen is on private land, so if you're reccying day 5 please be mindful of this due to sensitivities around this area.


An important note on the 2017 map…

• The map will be issued at registration - one per participant. It is a critical bit of safety equipment and mandatory kit so if you lose it you will likely be penalised (see Kit Checks & Disqualification). It costs us ~£40 per map so we can’t issue a free replacement - you will have to buy one!

• After 5-days of use, your map will inevitably have lost its ‘new look’. Whilst this is a nice memento in its own right, see below for details on how to plan ahead and obtain an additional map perhaps for the coffee table post-event.



The menu has been updated to show a breakdown of all the meals right through from the Sunday ‘last supper’ buffet to the finisher’s ‘banquet’ on Friday. 

*New for 2017* - after feedback in 2015, an additional member of event staff will join the catering team with sole responsibility to provide fresh vegetables, salad, and fruit. We think this will accompany the Wilf’s meals (and cake) nicely and provide a much better nutritional experience!



“External assistance of any kind that is not available to all competitors is strictly prohibited...”

We’ve had a few questions come in lately about external assistance and whether any outside support is acceptable or not. Please familiarise yourself with this section on the website.



"If you intend to treat foot problems as they arise at the Berghaus Dragon's Back Race™ you have already chosen the wrong strategy!  If you haven’t started, then start your foot-care preparation now. After all, feet are the most important part of your kit."

Read the full article now


Above: Blistered feet. © Berghaus Dragon’s Back Race™ Competitor



New: Blister treatment ‘kit’ (as per the above article) is a mandatory piece of 'camp' kit.

After feedback from 2015, and the overwhelming success of rolling these out at the Cape Wrath Ultra™ last year, we have decided to include blister treatment items as part of the mandatory overnight camp kit.

You are welcome to source these items yourself, else you can purchase a pre-made kit directly from our online shop for convenience - see below.





Ortlieb 59L PS490 drybag

After considerable effort to produce a version of the 59L bag with rucksack straps and race logo directly printed, we finally hit one technical hitch too many. Our apologies that this hasn't come to fruition. However, we're delighted to offer a limited-edition race-branded version of the PS490 heavyweight 59L Ortlieb dry bag, that will be highly suitable for participants' overnight kit bag.

BUY NOW - £30 + p&p


Above: Now available to purchase, the limited-edition recommended Ortlieb 59L overnight kit bag


Blister kit

If you don’t want to source and create your own version, we've taken the trouble of producing ready-to-go blister kits for you to purchase for posting out before the event (best option) or collection at registration.

BUY NOW - £19.95 + p&p


Above: The complete Blister Treatment Kit weighs only 103g and contains sufficient supplies to see most participants through the 5 days of the Berghaus Dragon's Back Race™



If you would like to order an additional map for collection at the end of the event, you have until the end of March to place this order - £40 (this is cost price!)




Have you joined…

  1. The Berghaus Dragon’s Back Race™ 2017 Facebook group (just for participants and those involved in the 2017 Berghaus Dragon's Back Race™ for discussing training plans, kit requirements, lift-sharing, nutrition, midge-strategies, and more.
  2. The Berghaus Dragon’s Back Race™ 2017 official Strava group? Find potential training partners or just keep motivated!


That's all for this update. Coming up next, watch out for requests for:

  • Tent allocation and bus transport preferences
  • Medical and dietary questionnaire


Wishing you all the best in your ongoing training,

Yours in running,

The Berghaus Dragon's Back Race™ team

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