2017 Mandatory Route Sections

2nd May 2017


We understand that many participants have been studying maps, the GPX files of the route and spending many days out in the hills of Wales reccying the route. At this stage we are confirming all the Mandatory Route sections of the event. Please note that if a section of the route is shown as Mandatory then it is essential that it is followed in its entirety from start to finish.

Compliance with the Mandatory route will be checked by the GPS tracking, which we will be following closely! 


Day One - The Start

There is a mandatory section from the start at Conwy Castle through Conwy town. This section of the route is marked and marshalled. 



Day One - Snowdon Summit & Finish

The route from the summit of Snowdon (Checkpoint 18) follows the Watkin Path. This is Mandatory and cutting the corner is dangerous for both you and anyone below you (on a busy path used by the public) because of loose rock and scree slopes. The route from Checkpoint 21 into the finish field is Mandatory and will be marked. 



Day Two - Finish

The route through the forest at the end of the day is Mandatory. You will need to concentrate in order not to lose time here, especially if you are finishing in the dark. Pay close attention and please do not stray on to the busy A496 to the south.



Day Three - Dolgellau

The route from the start of Day Three, through Dolgellau and almost to Checkpoint 1 is Mandatory. The final few hundred metres before joining the Recommended Route needs carefully attention as you pass through a complex area of agricultural fields and various gates and dead ends! Don't climb the walls!



Day Three - Dyffryn Dysynni Area (+ Bird's Rock Area)

This is an area of many agricultural fields, including many sheep! The Mandatory Route uses the best combination of paths and tracks, but needs to be followed carefully. 



Day Three - Finish

After descending from the summit of Pen Pumlumon Fawr (Checkpoint 9) and the final Checkpoint of the day, the Mandatory Route begins, when you enter the agricultural fields in the valley. 



Day Four - Start

There is an initial section of Mandatory route as you leave the valley.



Day Four - Checkpoint 6 (Elan Valley Support Point)

There is a Mandatory route to access Checkpoint 6. The start of the Mandatory route can be accessed from different locations but most be followed in full.



Day 5 - 'The Mountain'

Compared to the rest of the route this whaleback hill is not really a mountain but this is what the locals call it. There is no public right of way along this ridge, and the ridge is one agricultural field after another (usually full of sheep). We have had to gain special permission to use this section of land from multiple landowners. The route here will be partially marked and marshalled.








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