Provisional 2019 Route Information

6th Jul 2018

It is great to see lots of excitement on social media as 2019 participants start to recce the course.

There will be some minor changes to the route as we finalise the 2019 edition with many (many!) stakeholders along the entire 315km course. Any changes are likely to be minor, but we ask participants to remember that if they have purchased a limited-quantity 2017 map... that it is the 2017 course which is shown!

There are two changes to the 2019 Berghaus® Dragon's Back Race® which we would like to highlight now.

Please remember that whilst you are recceing the course it is important to always follow the Countryside Code and to just be generally polite and courteous to any locals, and other ambient members of the public that you may meet along the route. Farmers always highlight that leaving gates as they are found (shut them if you are in any doubt) and never climbing over walls and fences as their principle annoyances. 



1) End of Day 3 / Start of Day 4

We moved the Day 3 Overnight Camp into a new field in 2017, and also agreed a change in the route at the start of Day 4 with Natural Resources Wales. These changes occurred after we printed the 2017 maps. Please ensure that you follow the route indicated here. 




2) End of Day 5

There are ongoing sensitivities to entire area around Carreg Cennen Castle with multiple landowners. Please diligently follow the revised route we are indicating here in PINK.

Proposed-Change-to-Finish v2


Thanks for your help!

Meanwhile, we have now released digital versions of the provisional 2019 route.



Enjoy the fantastic running in the Welsh mountains and hills and don't miss out on booking onto an official course recce weekend organised by the race organisers!


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