Day 2: Front runners pull ahead on ‘more runnable’ course

21st May 2019 @ 18:00

Both the male and female lead runners pulled ahead in day two of the 2019 Berghaus Dragon’s Back Race. While Galen Reynolds, of Canada, finished 42 minutes ahead of the second place runner, British runner Sabrina Verjee also extended her lead to 29 minutes.


Day 2 at the Berghaus Dragon's Back Race

The 2019 Berghaus Dragon's Back Race continues with another tough day through the Welsh mountains. The first summit of the day was the spectacular Cnicht, the Matterhorn of North Wales, followed by the gnarly and arduous terrain of the Moelwynion and the Rhinogydd. Who has now taken the lead? How many runners were cut-off at the mid-way support point? Catch up with all of the action from a sunny day 2! by Summit Fever Media & Steve Ashworth Media #DragonsBackRace

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In brief: The route and conditions

Some 312 runners set off on day two of the Berghaus Dragon’s Back Race headed directly south from Nant Gwynant en route for Dolgellau, a small town in Gwynedd.

The remote and picturesque terrain of Southern Snowdonia takes in the Moelwynion and Rhinogydd mountain ranges. Although the peaks are mostly smaller in stature than yesterday’s highest points, the course today was relentlessly undulating. There was also a small matter of wet bog and some tricky descents to deal with.

At 58km, day two is a little longer than day one, although the total ascent of 3600m is slightly less.

Many runners enjoyed the generally “less gnarly and more runnable” terrain. They praised the fabulous scenery and the continuing good weather. Complaints included tired legs, hot sun and, as a consequence, cramp and dehydration.

The final summits in the Rhinogydd, rising to a high point of 750m, tested many weary runners in the final stages of the day.

Race director Shane Ohly said: “We had 360 start today, down from 402. This is an attrition rate of 10%, which is less than we expected and better than last year. This is fantastic for runners."

“It is hot weather but that is a lot better than being wet and claggy like the last time.”

“I think what is becoming obvious is that there is a forming of a Dragon’s Back Race trod, a course from the north to south of wales. Every year it is going to get a bit easier. Maybe what I need to do now is add in more mountains!”

By the end of today the attrition rate had risen to 22% with 312 still in the race.

A good day for the ladies

Day 2 results:

Sabrina Verjee (448), GB: 9:16:53 
Alyssa Clark (75), America: 9:40:26 
Lisa Watson (456), GB: 9:46:24
Lowri Morgan (314), GB, 10:20:46

Overall top 4:

Sabrina Verjee (448), GB: 18:27:13
Alyssa Clark (75), America: 18:56:10 
Lisa Watson (456), GB: 19:10:29
Lowri Morgan (314), GB, 21:03:19


Berghaus Dragon’s Back 2019 - Day 2 - Rhinog Fach - First Female - Sabrina Verjee - Copyright No Limits Photography

Sabrina Verjee said she felt good today ©No Limits Photography


Sabrina, of Weybridge, England, ran well today, extending her lead over the second placed female Alyssa Clark, of America, from five minutes to 29 minutes. Sabrina now has an overall time of 18:27:13. She is in an impressive eighth place overall. 

Runner-up so far is Alyssa with a time of 18:56:10, which places her 18th overall.

In third place for the second day is Lisa Watson in 19:10:29 and some 14 minutes overall behind Alyssa. She is 21st place of all the competitors.

Lowri Morgan has moved into fourth place today in 21:03:19 and sits 36 minutes behind Lisa.


Berghaus Dragon’s Back 2019 - Day 2 - Rhinog Fach - Second Female - Alyssa Clark - Copyright No Limits Photography

Alyssa Clark said she had fun in the mountains ©No Limits Photography

Berghaus Dragon’s Back 2019 - Day 2 - Rhinog Fach - Second Female - Alyssa Clark (2) - Copyright No Limits Photography

Alyssa is in second place in the female rankings so far ©No Limits Photography


Sabrina described today’s run as “great”. She said: “I have had a good day today. I felt stronger than yesterday. I felt the course was easier today. It was more runnable, which suits me and there were some really good descents. My back feels like it has been sorted. 

“I think the toughest parts today were those last mountains, the Rhinogydd. They were okay but the descents were tricky. I am quite slow on the rocky stuff. Then there was the final section of road. It was quite hard and boring. But otherwise I had a really good day and I am happy.”

Alyssa confessed that at the start of the day she did not feel good. “I thought I wasn't going to finish. I also lost my GPS watch but thankfully someone in the race lent me one.” 

“But then I just kept getting better.  I have been working hard in training on terrain like today. It was more runnable and that is what I have been focusing on. I like the mountains the best because they are so much fun and I enjoyed the Rhinogydds. However, that last bit on the road was hard."


Berghaus Dragon’s Back 2019 - Day 2 - Rhinog Fach - Second Male - Jim Mann (2) - Copyright No Limits Photography

Jim Mann ran into second place overall today ©No Limits Photography


Jim Mann fights back on day 2

Day 2 results:

Galen Reynolds (373), Canada: 7:40:30
Jim Mann (479), GB: 7:48:25
Robert Barnes (20), GB: 8:07:32
Konrad Rawlik (369): Poland, 8:27:52

Overall top 4:

Galen Reynolds (373), Canada: 15:18:12 
Jim Mann (479), GB: 16:00:11
Robert Barnes (20), GB: 16:10:07
Konrad Rawlik (369), Poland: 16:18:10


Berghaus Dragon’s Back 2019 - Day 2 - Rhinog Fach - Second Male - Jim Mann - Copyright No Limits Photography

Jim Mann on Rhinog Fach ©No Limits Photography


Jim Mann ran well today pushing from fourth place overall to second place, behind Galen. The first placed Canadian has created a strong lead and after day two, he sits in first place with a total time of 15:18:12 and 42 minutes over second placed Jim on 16:00:11.

Robert Barnes sits in third place with a time of 16:10:07, pushing Konrad Rawlik into fourth place with a time of 16:18:10.


Berghaus Dragon’s Back 2019 - Day 2 -Rhinog Fach - First Male - Galen Reynolds - Copyright No Limits Photography

Galen Reynolds enjoyed the mountains today ©No Limits Photography

Berghaus Dragon’s Back 2019 - Day 2 - Rhinog Fach - Third Male - Rob Barnes - Copyright No Limits Photography

Rob Barnes is now in third place overall ©No Limits Photography


Galen said: “There was a lot of cheeky bog that is hard to run on so I was pleased to reach the Rhinogydds. It was great to get out of the bog! I am feeling good overall.”

Jim said: “It was not as bad as yesterday.  I was feeling better today.”

At the Roman Steps, before the Rhinogydds, Robert said: “I am having a so-so day. I am not sure it has been my day. I think I was a bit dehydrated earlier and that has had an effect.”

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2019 Average Terrain Type:

  Trackless  Single Track  Double Track Road
Day 1 16% 78% 2% 4%
Day 2 25% 37% 16% 23%
Day 3 11% 45% 30% 14%
Day 4 23% 30% 18% 29%
Day 5 37% 16% 17% 30%
Average 22% 40% 17% 21%

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